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Sarah Anne
4 December
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People Say- I'm a bitch. A captious one. I'm vertiginous. I have an infectious personality. I have predatory thought procsses that carry out into my speech. I'm an enigma. My diary (OpenDiary) makes me sound pretentious. My writing is bitter yet beautiful. I'm a cynical optimist. I feel too strongly. I think too much. I have an opinion on a million things and I'll back it to the death, but I'm suprisingly openminded. I'm selflessly selfish. I'm evil. I'm perfect. I'm ambivalent. I'm a dream. I'm honest. I'm stuck up. I'm a bleeding liberal. I have no heart. I care too much. I'm a walking contradiction. I'm not a girl. I'm a projection from another dimension. I'm batman. I'm a demon.

I'm a desperate optimist.

I'll neglect this as I seem to all my online ventures.

I use Vivaldi and Garamond fonts on a regular basis.